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SIX Best Ways to resolve The Quarrel in Your Relationship

“A relationship is not a bed of roses,its how you look challenges in the face that makes it a bed of roses"

If you think relationship is a bed of Roses,then I don't think you know the meaning of being in a relationship because in the midst of the roses there are some thorns,so get that. "Conflict" is one thorn in a relationship that has led to a sink in many relationships ..It's not even about the conflicts because they're inevitable,But it's how two people deal with conflict that can make or break the relationship.So tell me how do you resolve your conflicts??

1. DO NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE When your emotion clouds the clarity of what actually happened, If the other person is yelling, it is very important that you don’t raise your voice also so as to prevent escalation of two contrasting interests because this will get things worse.

2. FIND A WAY TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT NOT WHO IS RIGHT Focus on trying to discover what’s right, not who is right. Try to think about what led to the argument,When thinking about what happened, do not try to bring to light who is right or wrong,instead evaluate what went wrong solely on the action that took place..

3. OWN UP Acknowledging your part in the situation is not what you just want to do out of pride but its the surest way to kill the conflict to prevent it from escalating into a senseless breakeup..

4. KILL "BUTS" But destroys so many things even the strongest of exoneratios,you might own up to your part in the issue,but when you put "but" in the middle of your acknowledgement,you've ruined it all because you just killed your acknowledgement..

5. TAKE A BREAK! Instead of lashing out your arguments and having a replay of the scenario in your mind,why not sleep over it,Get some rest take it off your mind.At least this helps to reduce or kill the issue in no distant time..when you feel so upset about it,take some time out,take a walk,read books,watch your favourite TV Series rather than pondering on the issue.

6. MAKE FUN OUT OF IT Hmmm I love this one,just imaging laughing out loud or saying something very hilarious in the midst of the conflict.your partner will either shy away from the argument by saying "stop it please its not funny" (deep down it funny to them)or they will happily return your laughter or jokes for a coy smile..End of story..

So tell me What are ways you resolve your conflicts?

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