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How To buy airtel, Glo, MTN data Bundle using Online method

Here we would be looking thoroughly at Quickteller Airtime Recharge as we know Quickteller are one of the pioneers of ATM banking, online banking and mobile banking in Nigeria.

The platform which started off as a means of enabling customers of some major banks in Nigeria to perform some transactions via ATM machines, like buying and transferring recharge cards from your account, paying for bills and lots more has over the years expanded it’s operation and platform to enable customers of various banks in Nigeria not just perform transactions via ATM, but also through a Mobile Application platform, online, SMS and even through a USSD Code from your phone.


How To Buy Recharge Card Through QuickTeller

Currently there are three(3) major ways of buying recharge cards through QuickTeller:

  1. Via ATM Machine (Without Registering on QuickTeller)
  2. Without Logging into your QuickTeller Account.
  3. Logging into your QuickTeller Account.

First before we start, to perform any transaction on any of QuickTeller’s platform you must have an active ATM, if you do not have an ATM you cannot use QuickTeller to do perform any transaction. For some ATM cards to do transactions online or through their mobile App, you have to first activate it for online transactions through the ATM.


  1. Via ATM Machine

Step 1 – Insert your ATM card into an ATM Machine

Step 2 – Input your ATM pin.

Step 3 – On the next page, select QuickTeller.

Step 4 – On the next page, select the Recharge option.

Step 5 – Select required network, MTN, Glo mobile, Airtel etc.

Step 6 – Choose the value of airtime required.

Step 7 – Enter your phone number or the phone number you wish to recharge, when requested.

Step 8 – ATM will reveal transaction details for your confirmation

Step 9 – Make sure transaction details are accurate especially phone number & recharge card value, confirm transaction.

Your line would be credited in a matter of seconds, at most a minute.


2. Without Logging into your Account On QuickTeller via Mobile or Online:

First, you must have an account with QuickTeller, if you don’t, simply visit their website or download the App and register. Once you register and have an account, you can perform transactions without logging into your account through your email or phone number.


This method also has three options, as the Mobile and online option can be done by visiting, through USSD code or SMS.


Through the QuickTeller Website:

Step 1: Goto with your phone  or through your laptop or desktop computer. When the website loads, you’ll see different payment options like Buy Recharge, Make payments, send or receive money etc.

Step 2: Select Buy Recharge.

Step 3: On the Buy Recharge page, you’ll see different recharge options.

Step 4: Scroll down to “Top Up (Prepaid)”, this option is for people who do not wish to log into their accounts.

Step 5: On the Top Up page, input the recharge your phone number, email and amount on the spaces provided and select next.

Step 6: You’ll then be taken to webpay platform where you’ll input your ATM card details. An OTP code would be sent to you once your details are correct.

Step 7: Input the OTP code that’d sent to your phone number through your bank and complete your transaction.


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Through USSD Code:

The USSD code for buying recharge cards through QuickTeller is *322*1*888888*Amount# I.e *322*1*888888*100# if you want to buy N100 recharge.

You’ll have to do the transaction through the phone number you used in registering with QuickTeller, once you dial the code, you’ll be asked to input the phone number you wish to recharge and follow the onscreen prompt.


Through SMS

To buy or send recharge card via SMS, simply send ‘bank RECHARGE amount mobile number’ to 32122 For example: ‘GTB RECHARGE 100 08033333333’. The number being the phone number you wish to top up.


  1. Logging Into Your Account:

This method has two options, either through the mobile app or online through their website.


Through The Website:

Step 1: Goto App with your phone or website through your phone, laptop or desktop computer. When the website loads, you’ll see different payment options like Buy Recharge, Make payments, send or receive money etc. For the App, you’ll have to log in to see the options.

Step 2: Select Buy Recharge.

Step 3: On the Buy Recharge page, you’ll see different recharge options like Airtel Top Up (Prepaid and Postpaid), Glo Top Up and the likes.

Step 4: Select the network you wish to recharge.

Step 5: Input the the number you wish to recharge and amount, your email would already be pre filled because you logged in.

Step 6: It’ll show you details of your transaction, where you’ll confirm the amount and the number you wish to recharge.

Step 7: You’ll be taken to a webpay platform where you’ll have input your ATM details.

Step 8: After you must have input your details, an OTP code would be sent to your phone.

Step 9: Input the OTP code and complete your transaction.


NB: If you’re using a MasterCard or Verve ATM card, you’ll get the OTP code immediately. But if you’re using a Visa Card and you haven’t activated before for online payments through ATM or visiting your Banks customer care you wouldn’t be able to do transactions. However, it is possible for you to do it via the Webpay platform that you’re redirected to, just follow the screen prompts. Once you’re successful, the OTP for your transaction would be sent to your phone.



How To Activate Your ATM Card through ATM Machine For Transactions On QuickTeller:

Step 1: Visit an ATM

Step 2: Insert your card

Step 3: Select Quickteller

Step 4: Select “Pay bills”

Step 5: Choose your account type

Select “Others”

Step 6: Enter 322222 as the payment code

Step 7: Enter your phone number as ‘Customer Reference’

Step 8: Accept the N1.00 amount displayed

Step 9: Follow prompts to complete the transaction.

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