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11 Signs to indentify true love- how to know if truly you are in love or not

Yes!! we have experienced love, but as time goes on you will discover love is not all about moving from one person to another but seeing this person you love as the special one who cant be replaced and who you want to be with for the rest of your life,now that's an unbeatable love!

when you love this persons so much you will notice you have experienced these signs and when you do,Just know you've reached your last bus stop in finding someone. !

This post applies to the Guys and ladies.!

1. YOU CANT GO A DAY WITHOUT THEM You know every thing abut your partner and definitely you want them there when you’re happy, sad, tired, sick. You. Want to share your happiness,sadness,and everything there is to share. !

This is a sure sign you are in love. !

2. YOU ARE SCARED OF LOSING THEM You don't want to do anything that would hurt them because you won't want to loose them..

And when I said being scared, its an issue to considered because, you are scared of losing them,you are scared of keeping them at the same time,you don't want to experience heartbreak like you did in your previous relationships.

But all the same you are.Ready to take the risk of having a life with them..

3. EVEN WHEN THE EXCITEMENT SEEM TO WEAR OF YOU STILL WANT TO BE WITH THEM That moment when the fire of love burns at first then as time goes on it Note changing yourself is not about changing just to please them or faking your lifestye it means, you realise you have to be focused and know what you want.

When you come across someone you love, you tend to change for the better just to be with them.

6. THAT GUY/GIRL IS JUST SO ATTRACTIVE,BUT YOUR BOO IS MORE ATTRACTIVE! That moment when you are in love with this person,and you are attracted to this Guy,he's tall,handsome,bodybuilt,well to do,infact he's just your type and then you remember the person you are dating and you say to yourself, "He's hot but my boo is hotter!

Now that's love dearie

7. YOU MAKE SURE YOU ARE WELL BUILT AND LOOKING GOOD When you are with the right person,definitely you will always want to look your best.

So you work out,eat right and stay healthy just for them.

8. YOU THINK OF THE FUTURE WITH THEM IN IT Definitely when you see the one that you just in no doubt know is right for you,you will always think of how you two can make it up to the future together.

If they are just for a short term relationship,you won't even think of including them in your future but for you to include the one you love in your future plans,then you re in love.

9. WHEN YOU TWO GO INTO A FIGHT YOU TRY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT When you two go into arguments,it shows its a way of understanding how you two can understand each other and when two of you are in a bloody argument,you won't want things to go from fry pan to fire so you try in all your power to make things right..

9. YOU SEE THE BEAUTY IN THEIR FLAWS when you love someone you tend to know their flaws.And when you do,you don't just care about their flaws because no one is perfect instead you see the beauty in their flaws.

10. YOU ARE WILLING TO TELL THEM ANYTHING This is one very beautiful part of loving some one,you are so happy telling them both personal and official things,because you just have this trust for them.

11. YOUR FAMILY IS HIS/HER FAMILY When you tend to love someone you will in all your efforts bring them close to your family and be close to his/her family.

I know this went a long way.You are free to add yours as the list goes on and on.

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